Vlindrel Hall – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide


Vlindrel Hall – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Guide

Vlindrel Hall is the house that the player can purchase in Markarth. It can only be purchased once you complete various quests for the Jarl and his

Skyrim: Vlindrel Hall player home tour (Markarth)

Vlindrel Hall Player home tour

Skyrim Markarth house Vlindrel Hall fully upgraded / furnished tour

This video will show you what the house at markarth looks like, 12500 gold for house and upgrades well worth it. I will have a video explaining how to get this house in a couple of days when YouTube let’s me upload it.

How to get a house for free in Skyrim (Vlindrel Hall)

So yeah. If you are running out or short on gold, you can do this to get a free house. I only did this to show you guy 🙂 I has tons of gold :3 So yeah.. I know this is cheap but well, *poker face*

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Skyrim Elder Scrolls V – How to Become Thane of Markarth Pt 1

Okay, so there are several steps required to become Thane of any of the major holds in Skyrim (except for Whiterun which is part of the main storyline). I split this up into two parts cuz its fairly long. After speaking to the Jarl (Igmund in this case) he gives you two quests total, after completing them for him, he than gives you the ability to purchase a house. You must purchase the house in the city and do 5 quests for the citizens of the city in order for you to become Thane. This video is the two quests for Jarl Igmund and a walkthrough of the splendid Vlindrel Hall. (its gorgeous)