Vista – Guild Wars 2 Guide


Vista – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Vistas are indicated on the map by two triangles. If the particular Vista has already been visited, the triangles will be bright red. If the Vista has not

Guild Wars 2: Divinity’s Reach Vista Guide HD

Today we look at the Vistas in Divinity’s Reach!

Guild Wars 2 – Ebonhawke – Vista Guide

In this instructional video, I provide a voiced walkthrough on how to achieve the Stronghold of Ebonhawke vista in the Fields of Ruin in Guild Wars 2.

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In this video I cover the following topics:

1. Where in the Fields of Ruin this vista is located.
2. How to complete the jumping puzzle to get to the vista.
3. How to completely fail to notice the most obvious path to reach the vista!

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Guild Wars 2 – Malchor’s Leap Vistas (Walkthrough / Guide)

A few more vistas, a few more fun jumping puzzles! There’s a few here which are real crackers :3. Gotta love them close calls!

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Guild Wars 2 – Divinity’s Reach – All Vistas Guide

Full guide:

A guide showing all 6 vistas that can be found in the city of Divinity’s Reach in the video game Guild Wars 2.

1 – Plaza of Lyssa 0:00
2 – Plaza of Grenth 1:15
3 – District Promenade 2:28
4 – The Great Collapse 3:38
5 – Western Commons 4:43
6 – The Upper City 6:13