Amiibo Support – Pokken Tournament Guide


Amiibo Support – Pokken Tournament Guide

Pokken Tournament allows you to make use of every Amiibo available to unlock small items and

How To Scan Amiibo in Pokken Tournament DX For The Nintendo Switch!

I had a little trouble figuring this out.. If this helps you please like share and subscribe! If your scanning a amiibo just look it the options / settings and try to find the option to input amiibo then place on the right joycon to scan in!

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Pokken Tournament – Amiibo Support (WiiU GamePlay)

Today I am showing you Amiibo Support for Pokken Tournament on the Nintendo WiiU.

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Pokken Tournament Gameplay Walkthrough Chandelure Ferrum League amiibo PART 2 Pokemon Nintendo Wii U

Pokken Tournament – PLAYLIST – Part 1:

NEXT EPISODE – Lucario – Ferrum League – amiibo Rewards: &list=PL_lABM4PHKBKgvuYvvTvst6auq7mHh826 &index=3

Welcome to Pokken Tournament gameplay walkthrough PART 2 for Nintendo Wii U! The world of Pokemon in HD blends together with the fast-paced fighting of Tekken to create a unique series of its own. Thanks for joining me in this gameplay walkthrough. We’ll be playing as the full roster of Pokemon characters, unlocking Mewtwo & Shadow Mewtwo, covering the entire Ferrum League single player story mode, including all ranks & cutscenes from beginning to end, and battling in online multiplayer. We’ll be ending with my review of the game once we’ve played through all of the content. Thanks for watching guys!

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Pokkén Tournament – EPISODE 2 – My Town – Nia Japanese Voiceover – Advisor Settings – Avatar Customization – Title Settings – Comment Settings – Partner Pokemon: Chandelure – amiibo Special Bonus – Santa Hat – Ferrum League – Rank D – League Match: VS Gardevoir, Pikachu, Charizard, & Lucario – Chandelure Zoning – Will-O-Wisp + Smog + Hex = Huge Damage! – Incinerate – Overheat Negative Status Effects – Pendulum Motion – Minimize – Burst Attack: Final Flicker – Ranking Up

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Git Good at Pokken in 5 Easy Steps! | Pokken Tournament Guide

I made this for all you guys looking to improve at Pokken Tournament! A simple step by step guide that’ll get you on your way from noob to pro! After watching this video you’ll have all the fundamentals you need to do better against friends, or ranked battles.

Step 1 – Play ALL of the Tutorials
Step 2 – Customize your Controller
Step 3 – Memorize the Attack Triangle
Step 4 – Combos and Mixups
Step 5 – Watch Your Opponent!

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