Amazon UK is Increasing The Cost of Prime In September

Amazon UK is Increasing The Cost of Prime In September

Amazon is increasing the cost of a Prime membership in the UK for the first time since 2014.

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Amazon is raising Prime prices in Europe- up to 43 %

Amazon is raising Prime prices in Europe- up to 43 %.
Amazon is raising the price of its Prime subscription across Europe in September by up to 43 percent a year. In an email to customers overnight, Amazon revealed its annual Prime cost will jump 20 percent in the UK from £79 to £95 from September 15th. In France the price hike is even more acute, moving from €49 per year to €69.90 — a 43 percent increase.

Amazon will also hike prices in Spain and Italy by 39 percent annually, with the company’s second-biggest market, Germany, seeing an annual 30 percent rise. Amazon’s Prime price increases in Europe come just months after the price of Prime in the US rose to $139 per year, up from the previous $119 annual fee. Amazon Prime typically includes fast shipping, access to sales, and free movie / TV streaming in most markets.

Amazon is also increasing the monthly cost of Prime in European markets, by £1 or €1 per month. The monthly rates don’t include the discount that’s applied to yearly subscriptions, and it’s clear from Amazon’s increases that most households subscribe annually. These are the annual Amazon Prime price increases across Europe.
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Amazon to increase price of Prime subscription for UK customers

It said it will increase the price of Prime from £7.99 each month to £8.99 from September 15. #shorts #news #amazon #amazonprime #uk

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