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War Games: Discussion Questions

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1. What are some of the major themes of the book?

2. Why is it so important in the book for Petros’s family to be seen as Greek and NOT American?

3. Why does Zola decide to write the notes?

4. Why do his brother and his cousins help him pass the notes around town when they think he is saying things people already know or things that are not true?

5. Were you surprised to find out that the colonel spoke perfect Greek? Why do you think Petros was surprised?

6. What do you think would be more important to hide: the fact that Petros’s family was American or the fact that they were hiding their cousin Lambros in the well?

7. Why did the soldiers shoot Stavros? Were you surprised to find out he was not dead?

8. Why do you think Petros and Zola decided to give Stavros the kite? Why were they making it in the first place?

9. Why does the family have to pretend that Stavros is dead?

10. What did you enjoy about this book?

11. Who is your favorite character(s) in the book and why?

12. Did you know that the German army occupied Greece during World War II? Do you think this is an important or useful story to tell?

13. If you met the authors what would be the one question you would ask them?

14. Have you read another book that reminds you of this one?