For Kids - Maude March on the Run

Maude March on the Run

This time I had a more difficult ride with Maude and Sallie. I had to work a bit at thinking up new adventures, and I appreciate how hard my editor, Shana Corey, worked to notice when I wrote something too similar to the adventures in the first book.

But I was able to spend a little more time showing how life really was lived in those years. I got a real-life historical figure into the book too, but I’m going to let you figure out who he is. I did place him exactly where he was that year, and make him the age he really was. That was fun.

I skipped a really important part of history that was happening at the same time, since Maude and Sallie’s adventures overlap the post-Civil War period. I learned a lot about that and I’ve gone back to look more closely at that in a recent work. I’ve recently sent it to my editor.

The character is Nell, a girl living by herself in the countryside. Hopefully, her book will show up on the website as a published book before too long. This is 2013, so let’s see how things work out.

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